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Be Well & Blossom Counseling in South Florida

Helping individuals in South Florida, and surrounding areas, Be Well and Blossom Counseling provides an environment where adolescents and adults can feel comfortable discussing events to resolve emotional and behavioral issues using a variety of evidence based treatments.

We Empower You To Improve Your Peace of Mind

We provide a judgement free zone for you to work with a licensed mental health counselor and improve your mental fitness.

Our goal is for you to feel empowered to discuss what is on your mind, whether it be the good things that happened in your day or troubling issues. We are skilled in a variety of evidence based treatments to help you improve your peace of mind.

CBT Therapy

Focus on changing automatic negative thought patterns that have an influence on your emotions and behavior

TFCBT Therapy

Focus on resolving emotional and behavioral difficulties that are associated with past traumatic experiences in your life

Person Centered Therapy

Take the lead and work to find your solutions in a judgement free zone 

Strength Based Therapy

Build on your best qualities by focusing on your strengths and build a positive mindset 

Boynton Beach Therapist Merlyndia Bellevue

Your South Florida Therapist Merlyndia Bellevue

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor helping individuals in South Florida and surrounding areas to uncover barriers impacting their emotional wellness.

The objective is for clients to leave each session inspired and empowered to overcome their daily stressors with the tools he or she has developed.

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